Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Felicity 2k5

Felicity was success again( It always will be(?)). I can't see how it can be a failure. Lots of company give money prior to the festival in form of sponsorships, and all of it is basically goodwill (meaning they don't really expect any direct benefit from their advertisement), so there is almost nothing to lose even if crowd is less etc.

First day proved most useful to me, as me and Sachin combined won the second prize in Java JARGON. Admist full of confusion and hardluck: I went to Chandanagar police station for this passport work at 2:30PM with the contest being organized at 3:30PM, even with full attemp I couldn't come back before 4:00PM, by the time contest was over, Sachin had come only at 3:50 PM and solved hardly 20/45 questions. Somehow we got time and we did better. The night was this Bombay vikings stuff, which I didn't really enjoy, but it was followed by Dance party which was good.

Second Day: It had some good contests like C-bug-D-bug, IT Quiz in all of which we lost in prelims only. The day didn't go much good. In the night I went to dentist and missed the Fusion night (which I had enjoyed anyways last year). Again had some DJ in the night b4 sleeping. The major event this day included Classical dance by my batch girls. It was good.

Third Day: The most awaited event for me was this hacking contest, in which I sucked badly. I and nirnimesh formed a team. We knew the answer but this visual perception created all the problems, we overlooked a hidden file with name ". " and stuggled for around 40 minutes on a stupid round. In the end we lost badly. The DJ was interesting this day, played lot of interesting sound on the stage events including the TARKAN's kiss sound. The Rock show was great specially because of INSOMNIA, followed by a good DJ party for around 3 hrs i.e till 3AM when we finally bid a good bye to felicity. Lots of photos are there in the Real to be developed soon.

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