Friday, June 10, 2005

Finished reading ...The Da Vinci Code...

Its a great book. The book is really well written and looks very enlightening and surprizing to me atleast.
I was not very happy to hear from Ranjith and Jagmohan that most of the facts (or whatever) in this books are not proven and they are just interpretation by Dan but even then they mostly look sound and logical.
Anyways happy to finish one more book( I am really bad at reading novels), not planing to start any big one for quite some time now. [update: Thanks to Imran for pointing my typo]

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  1. Jhandu!!!! poori ramayan ho gayi aur tujhe kitaab ka naam nahin pata!!
    It is Da Vinci Code! not The vinci code. Btw, there are quite a few facts in the book which are controvercial quite naturally. There is another novel whose name i forget. maybe Cracking Da Vinci Code or something. it actually discusses what are facts and what is fiction.
    There is also a documentary on NGC and the History channel about the same.
    There is also a prequil to this book called Angels and Demons written by Dan Brown himself.