Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Qlickr Faces Competition from jUploadr ;-)

As usual I was trying to see if Qlickr got indexed and if someone else listed my software etc using google. I found this post on Scohen's blog (he is developer of jUploadr, which has been given very positive feedback by its users. BTW when I tried commenting I got 404 for the script ;-) )

He says:
"It seems I have an Indian counterpart. A very eager and resourceful Indian counterpart. He’s written an uploader for Linux which –and I’m being generous here– is lacking features and polish..."
And concludes " I’m not saying he’s done all this with malicious intent. From reading his blog, it appears that he’s just very enthusiatic and excited. I genuinely think he wants to make something cool and help people out. It’s kind of sad that his actions have the opposite effect."

So now I have a reason to work harder and make qlickr better ;-) I am looking for co-developers ;-)

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  1. kewl job dood!
    Qlickr Rocks.. carry on with the gud work.