Saturday, June 18, 2005

M$: The FUD company

I don't know if I will ever we able to change my impression of Microsoft (Majji said that), but it seems more and more inevitable with the regular FUD tactics by this company. Today I read this article at slashdot and my inner-self hinted me that the study must be supported(Funded) by Microsoft (and it turns out it is). The articles describes a test in which they proved Windows Server 2003 outperforming Apache and Redhat Linux. This tests validity has not been questioned till nowbut the history is an interesting read.

I do regularly follow news about all the get the fact crap and FUD that M$ continues to spread spending $'s in it. I have never come across a NON MS funded report praising M$ perfomance over Linux Server. Did I also hear that SCO case was somehow related to this company? Grow Up M$! try making better software, you can refer to Linux's or other software's open source code for that :-) don't spend time in doing BC. You know IBM is gonna start the reverse process, if you don't stop.

I don't really think except of money anything would make a person work for such a company, and as better companies come up people are leaving from this company.
And I know this question gonna come, so let me answer in advance. I won't consider applying to M$ for a JOB. There are much better companies to apply for now.

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