Sunday, June 05, 2005

Mostly doing Non Academic work

Somehow the development of Qlickr (My Flickr Uploader software for Linux) got heated up (thanks to Steve Cohen ;-) ) so I spent some time improving it and releasing two version within this week itself. This is the first complete software to be made by me so things are not going that organized. The biggest mistake being messing up with the versioning, I was just releasing a simple moc-up kinda and named it Version 1.0 and later named the second release 1.2. Only to realize that numbering shud have started from 0.1 etc and by version 1.0 the software should have become very much usable. Well I learnt these things while registering my software at and

Meanwhile I just joined the DigiKam Developers list and am still trying to build and run digiKam so that I can contribute 1-2 pluggins to this upcoming software.

The other works going one are the French-self-learning lessons. I just wrote a small homepage in French.

Some new project are already coming up to my mind. Firstly some php/XML-API stuff to help me categorization of my blogs at (this is where I am gonna use my dynamic php hack) some apps for my new phone, Motorola A768i. More functionality to this Qlickr stuff for querying from server using XML-API.

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