Thursday, June 23, 2005

Four years ago!

This post comes totally unexpectedly. It just happened that a girl who is trying to get admission in to IIIT PG was sitting with her father next to us in the mess. (I have to blog this event as presence of my friends Aiwa and Dixit made it worth writing/remembering).

Well we were just talking amongst ourselves when the girls' Father, lets say Mr, X asked me, what course I am doing here? I told him M.S then he asked MS Vs. MTech and also that regular questions anyone who is new to this MS thing (It happened a lot when I met my relatives) has. At the end the girl asked about placements and Dixit replied "Don't worry for placements, take the field of your choice and take admission here".

When the both of them have left(Mr. X and his duaghter) we remembered the scene 4 years ago, when we came here for admissions. Things have changed so much that remembering old time is hard. But still some things were remembered, how most of us were not sure about joining IIIT, Aiwa recalled happily that had he not made this decission to join IIIT he would have been mining in Dhanbad( well thats a phrase to say ur rank in IIT JEE was around 2000). For me too it was a tough decission actually on the day of my admission here I came to know about my selection in Dhirubhai Ambani's DA-IICT. Then the confussions arose. All kinds of discussions went among the parents who were sitting with my father on those seats. Finally I was told that I was the last number to be taken in, I gladly accepted the admission.

It's hard to recall the situation completely, but that was a tough one. Well what happened b4 we came here: As expected I didn't get a call from IIT and Roorkee it was 1559 and against all expectations I didn't get a chance to take any field there and then came DCE 565, Papa and I went there and against our expectations the admissions closed at 240( the prev year they went till 917 for civil) foofed badly I took courage to ask papa about going to Kota again. (don't exactly remember how he reacted)) we came back home and I was not sure what to do. I was probably gonna wait till PET results and join PET if I got any good college. But then one day came IIIT Hyderabad's telegram. They just wrote we have some seats left ur waiting number is 161(i.e rank 661), I recalled that number of seats were just 500 and thought we were just going to have something similar to DCE trip. But Papa was hopeful, and we came here...

This college was just a newly born institute and they had not yet been recognized by the UGC to give a B. Tech or B.E degree. The discussions and debated continued untill one day we had a declaration that IIIT was declared a deemed university. Before that annoucement I had got to know that I was ranked 285 in MPPET. Though I didn't knew much about it but somehow computers as a stream was fixed in my mind. It feels great to realize that our decission four years ago came so fruitful.


  1. hey ... I used to think your rank is among top 100 or 200 :)

  2. hi googs

    how r u ? I m busy could not visit ur blog regularly... manynew interesing posts u have made here..will read in leisure...

    So how is life at IIIT ? any other such incidents where u came across someone but this time without her father ;)