Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A new style of spamming: Spammers Suck

I get lot of spams everyday, gmail filters almost all of them but our mail server doesn't have that good classifier so I have to face this shit. Now-a-days I see this new way of spamming, the sender sends you a personalised link to click for something and I hope what this clicking will do it to make sure that email id for which the mail was sent was a valid one. So all of you who are spammed, be careful before clicking for free Ipod. watches etc.

I was reading the blog of Chris DiBona and I liked this particular part of his post against spammer. I agree ;-)
Also, to the spammers, you suck, suck, suck. I hope you die soon before you breed. If you have bred....I'm envisioning your children being given to other, non-scummy family members. Maybe a nice aunt or uncle. Be the best thing for them, don't want them to grow up like you, after all. Lord, I hope it isn't genetic, some spam gene that afflicts people in sunny climes like some kind of a-hole chlorophyll.

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