Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Looks like the web is re-evolving

I used to wonder 1 year ago what to do when online. I didn't like chatting much, reading slashdot, osnews, google news etc hardly took out a max of 1/2 hour each. Being regular on newsgroups seemed to be a good way of passing time along with chatting on IRC.

Now I see whenever I sit and start browsing time passes by very fast. The web revolution is coming back probably. So many new concepts came in just very recently:
1) Weblogs
2) Social Bookmarking del.icio.us3) Foto Blogging/Sharing
4) Audio Blogging(Podcasting)
5) Various Friendship/social circle site like Orkut
6) XML/RSS feeds
7) Web APIs
8) Wikis
and many new things are just coming up. For e.g
and some copies of above ideas like

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