Friday, June 24, 2005

Going home again ;-)

Sometime in future I would recall Summer of 2005, those were the best days of my life. These summers have been going great till now.
Firstly my sister's marriage took place on 9th May 2005 and I went home for 2 weeks. That complete trip was just superb.
Then, I got another chance to go home. Yep I am going home again on 25 June, yep tomorrow. Well its just 5 days trip but I am hoping it would be a great trip.
Coming to other happenings I just met someone special today. Would write about it in details later. And also today we finished our BS project with satisfaction of Dr. Vishal. I should be writing a detail entry about the project later (we did do some good work there).
Also I have got in to some great company of developers on this Digikam project. I am not participating much but yet those guys are just great to talk and share ideas and learn from. I am getting more and more memorable events/happenings to jot down should write a complete year roundup blog sometime.

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