Thursday, March 31, 2005

Another Nice Holiday week!

Parent finally came to Hyderabad on 25th Morning. I was working that night for finishing the VTK project but couldn't do much. Also didn't sleep much. The train was delayed as usual and finally arriving at around 9:50 so we left are around 9AM after breakfast.

25th March
From the station we went straight to Hotel Dwarka, Lakdi Ka Pool. We were already late enuf to go to Ramoji, so I postponed the plan for the next day. We started off for Runway 9 but the driver took us somewhere else and we have to come back and visit GolKunda in the afternoon which was not great but ok. We went to Charminar and the Bangles market nearby. I have decided to buy my GF(when ever I have one) and also Didi and Mummi some real good stuff from here. Then we went to IMAX theatre for the night show, were late by some 5 minutes but didn't miss much. I mostly slept during the movie but others seemed to have enjoyed it (objective attained).
I came back in the night with my bro to see the mails and see if ppl were planning to play Holi in the evening, they didn't so I slept at around 3AM ...

26th March.
and then we went back to the Hotel next morning at around 8:30 AM. Ppl were getting ready so were not late. We moved for the breakfast and then moved to Ramoji Film City. The journey was usual till Ramoji Film city, Where the we have to get down from the jeep for the Ramoji bus. The guide gave an interesting commentry on the locations( Some I remember are: This is some park, where the colors of the flowers change according to the colors of the saree of the Heroine, but since no one wears sarees' nowadays there are no flowers ;-). This is bulland darwarja but will break even if you punch it, It takes only 5 minutes to go from Bombay to Delhi coz you can go by foot too. ) The bus left us at some place at 1:30PM, from where we were supposed to reach Eureka at 3PM.

So we decided to go to the park like places. Enjoyed rain dance for some time(1 hr I thing). I didn't think it would have been so much fun, but it was.

My Brother and Me at Rain Dance in RFC
My Brother and Me at Rain Dance in RFC

Then we went to some bhoot bhangla kind of place. enjoyed some rides specially the hoping ones. We were back to Eureka at 3:00 PM when we took another bus and had a tour around the gardens. The tour was over at around 3:30PM and we went to enjoy some final Rides that big giant wheel mod and the tora-tora thing. Both were fun. The Giant wheel stuff was much more fun than fear I had initially. I remember about our Familys' Excel world trip when I was in 6th standard and couldn't enjoy some rides because of age.

Cute Little Diksha, My Uncles Daugther
Cutie: Diksha

After Ramoji we decided to go to Runway 9. We were finally able to reach R9 at around 7PM and then me and Rishab had 4 Laps, Didi took some shoots and Rishab enjoyed sketting for some time. That was the end of the day. We left for Bangalore afting coming back to hotel.

27th March.
We reached hotel The Club. The hotel looked just mediacre with regards to the facility infact there was no lift and the swiming pool was charged separately 50/- an hour. Anyways we left for roaming Bangalore at around 12:00 noon.

Me and My brother at Science Museum Bangalore.
My Brother and Me at Science Museum Bangalore

My brother posing with Missiles at Science museam.
The best Brother

Then we spent to some Jain temple, followed by the National Science Mueseum followed by ISCon temple and then came back to Hotel. The night was spent in the hotel itself.

28th March.
We left around 10AM this morning to Mysore. Had lots of Nariyal Pani on the way. In Mysore we went to the great palace of Raja KrishnaRaja Wadeyar( IIRC).

Photograph in the Fort
Family at Bangalore

The palace is simply superb and has lots of stuff to be seen. After spending 2-3 hrs here, we left for enjoying the Vrindaban Garden.

Vrindhavan Garden(VG) Mysore
Vrindhavan Garden Mysore

Four of us KIDS! at VG
Four of us KIDS!

The garden is said to be one of the best in the World and I would agree to it. The Light and Sound show named Dancing Fountain was one of the main attractions. We left from the garden at around 8:30PM. To drive to our main destination in the tour, Srigavan vela. where we reached at around 10:30 PM. Got the room for the night and then went out for Dinner. By 11:30 PM we were back to room and ready to sleep.

Boating, Vrindhavan Garden Mysore
Boating, Vrindhavan Garden Mysore

29th March
Early morning at around 6:00 AM Papa woke us woke for going to the temple. The special thing about the temple is the 57 Feet tall statue of Shri Bahubali Ji, at the top of a mountain. After a long time we were climbing on a mountain so it was really tiring. Me, Rishab and Papa did the Jal Abhishek at the temple (which was surpizingly short in respect to time spent). Then we went to other series of 14 temples on the other moutain. (probably called Vindyagiri). Already tired I was not very fast and also uninterested in doing the vandana well, Mummi took me along and we finished the Vandanas properly. After this temple it was time for lunch which we had at Jain Math. No offence but the food was not good. I remember the conversation on ppl siting in front of us.
Boy: I need food with Papad.
Parent: Please bring atleast one plate of food for him.
The Person brought the food, but there was no Papad. The child started crying.
Another girl: Mammi where is the Sabji
Anti: It's there itself.
Another girl: But where is it? I can't see it.

Basically they served us two curry kind of things, one was visibly clear to be a Dal but other was strangely said to be sabji (of palak), thought it looked like another Dal. After the food Me, Rishab and Dhiksha repeatedly made comments about the food in the car, which Mammi opposed. We left back for Bangalore, spent some time in the evening in some Mall where we bought some clothes. The food ordered at Food World sucked as Didi found the bread bun was infected (Horrible). At around 11:00 PM we were on our way back to Hyderabad.

30th March
Reached Hyderabad, in the morning around 9:10 AM. We came to IIIT to see if there was any class of BS. I was particulary interested in attending this last class of my B.Tech., but there was no class. So my father met Prof PJN and we left back to Dwarka hotel. After refreshing ourselves we left for Salarjun Museum. Which is really a great museum and surely worth more than one visit. The European posters are really great peice of painting. and the Chinese and other porcelain works also astonishing. After leaving the museum at around 3:30PM we went to NTR garden, the garden is definitely not much but a hype. It was over in less than an hour. We went to Birla Mandir, then to our Jain temple at Aagapura and finally to Big Bazar. After some shopping it was already 8 PM and we rushed to the hotel and dinner and finally checked out at 9:00 PM. reaching station at 9:20 or so. Rishab's stomach was aching and I felt too bad, seeing him in pain while leaving. My sister also got angry with us in the afternoon at NTR when we neglected her request for some photograph. I appologised and she was ok now. But Rishabh's problem didn't get solved until we reached the station and finally I couldn't offer him Mango shake on the Road( I promised him unlimited amount of it earlier). On station when he got better we came back from platform2 to platform1 to buy some packed juices. Talked with my father for some time on what I plan to do now. Talking to sir, business plans, job plans. My Father gave a very long and thoughtful oeice of advice and left the decision on me citing examples of success on either ways.

As usual the farewell was painful. And so this great week was over. After coming back to hostel I found the farewell was running on. It was pretty much over when I came back but fortunately I was nominated for best Tutor award (Though I knew I was not gonna make it). Thanks to the Juniors for that honour.


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