Saturday, March 05, 2005

No Patents Please :::::

Patents are a devious tool to harm developing countries' development.
Not only will patents harm software; but will also lead to rise in
prices of medicines. [Read further for more info]

What you can do ?

a) Post this on your blog/website too if you have one
b) Email this to as many people as you know
c) Email to the Editor of various magazines, newspapers that we
don't want patents
d) Email to the President of India and any political party in
India who has an email

Why are patents bad ?

Below are some medicines whose cost are given as follows (In India
in Rupees) [In US in Rupees]
SYPROFLOCSACIN (29 Rupees) (2353 Rupees)
DYCHLOPHYNAC (4 Rupees) [675 Rupees]
These are just two examples. Wondering why medicines are SO cheap
in India? This is because India had a big pharmaceutical industry.
They can produce drugs at a fraction of the cost at what Merck wants
to sell them for. Infact the drug prices are way lower in India than
in Pakistan next door because
India happened to develop its own pharmaceutical industry.

The American Corporations don't like that .They want more children
to die in India. They want more profit; which means more children die
in India. They want to make sure that India doesn't produce
drugs costing less than the American counterparts. Now this is
done in two ways under GATT. One way is to increase the length of
patents. The other is to change their character from Process Patent
to Product Patent.

The thing that made American prices higher is now put up as an
Ordinance in India. It is being considered in next Session of our

So we need to ACT now before it is too late, before we will need to
burn our pocket before even buying a tablet of Disprin or the like.
Please follow the actions as mentioned above to spread this fact among
as many people, so that this Bill is not passed.

Maybe, the legislature will listen… But let us try our best.

Ankit Malik

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