Monday, March 21, 2005

Some Interesting Stats...

I thanks all the visitors to my website for giving me this opportunity to analyse the visits. The appreciation also stands for statcounter, freshmeat and all others who have given link to my project page.

Here are some interesting stats.
1) Country wise hits: [keeps track of last 100 only]

Flickr Uploader clicks...

2) Browser-wise hits, I am rather surprized to see that firefox is really popular at least amoung developers. Safari too seems doing very well, along with Opera.

faltoo image

3) OS Wise. [My applogies to all GNU/Linux Lovers, (Even I am one) that Statcounter ignores us. But the number of Linux hits is a]
Will post this link later (Flicker seems fucked up, not able to get URL)

4) Resolution Wise. Strange it show 640x480 too popular.

Resolutions Pie Chart

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