Saturday, March 19, 2005
A Comment from above link. This is exactly my lines of though on Google Vs Microsoft. The whole artcle is a good read do read it once.

"For instance, Microsoft is working on a new version of IE. MS will need to test their browser against Gmail and Google maps — arguably the most complex websites in existence — and God help them if their new browser breaks those sites. For anyone who has spent hours testing code against IE, this is delicious irony, sweet and savory."

It's a typical Microsoft tactic to purposely break competitors' software, antitrust suit or no antitrust suit. They did it to Lotus 1-2-3; they did it to PC-DOS; they did it to WordPerfect. I'm not sure why Google would be any different. The biggest advantage I can see for Google is that because their software is web-based, it can be fixed very quickly which might not make it worth the risk of being slapped with another antitrust suit.

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