Friday, March 18, 2005

QT Based Flickr Photo Uploader

[Update 29/05/05] A new version for this software is released. check this post. Link
This is the first public release of the QT based photo uploader developed by me. I am releasing binaries only currently. The code needs lots of cleanup. Probably I will release it in second version of this software.[Update 21/03/2005 8:20AM IST: The Code is also available for download. Happy Hacking.]

The homepage for the time being is

As usual feedbacks and suggestions are must to improve upon. So please take ur time to suggest feature that make it easier and more useful for you.
[Update 20/03/2005 8:33PM IST: The Title of the post is change to make it more generic]


  1. Seeing the large percentage of Windows and Mac OS X hits on the site, I have put the code for download too.

    The title can now be changed to
    QT Based Flickr Uploader

  2. nice!....
    but my suggestion still stands...change the name of the blog....blogs of....sounds like bogs of