Saturday, March 05, 2005

Movie Review: Page 3

Rating 9/10
Its a must watch movie. A movie which shows life of various ppl from various angles.
It revolves around the life of a Journalist (named Madhavi), her social circle and the Rich celebrities which are refered in the title itself by "page 3". Shows that side of society which we normally think of being a glamourous one. It shows how indifferent these ppl are to the society and how hollow is the life of just drinking, smoking and partying with almost no values to Family relations and the society.

It shows how people have to make choices in the life and how they feel so great for it for some time and then regret later. I liked some dialogues from the movie too, they are:

"First Try to be a good cultural Indian and then try to be "best""
spoken by the Police officer to a partying girl.
"we have to be in the system to change the system."
spoken by the journalist name Vinayaka, to the Madhavi.

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