Thursday, March 03, 2005

Nothing so great...

Did some improvement to the correspondence algorithm to reject bad cases. I would write a big blog one day about the whole project, just praying God to get it is finished asap. Yesterday only PJN sir asked me to think of possibilities of Szeliski's implementation and also the demo.

In other areas, we had a LUG meeting yesterday night(?), not a great response but yes some ppl did turn up. The shirts will come by Friday(latest as anounced by Satvik in the meet). Ppl including me are desperately waiting for the shirt(s),

Got some photographs of felicity, picnic and Gupta's B'day. Will upload them soon. Some of them really make my Camera memorable.

I saw the stats of my blog thru the site the site it a great one and its tools along with its facilities of logs are really awesome, do try it if you are looking for a free good stat counter.

Tried and failed again at making a firefox extention work. My browser crashed running it in safe mode now. Going to firefox channel on day before yesterday proved usefull as the image of M$ antispyware showing firefox as a spy I got from that increase the number of hits to my page a lots.(as shown by Statcounter's log).

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