Saturday, March 05, 2005

Participated in topcoder Beta test, It was great to get 234/250 points in a problem. I should be learning to code faster, the contest looks very interesting and educating to me. The one good thing about it is the challenge round, where you can challenge some ones' submission by seeing his code. I tried it too, lost 25 points :( for wrong attempt.

Met Prasad in the night, he showed his Motorola A768 Linux Smartphone, the phone is a cool one and should be a great buy for any body (barring the price ), only thing not good was the camera resolution. but some things that are great are, touch screen, Linux, SSH (prasad logged in to 200 and checked mail in pine in front of us). We talked about Network boot server which might be a good experience or setup for the long term.

Shirts didn't come today also, I don't know any reason for the delay, but even I am sick of these postponements now.

The showcase demo project is also crawling, basically I don't have much interest in its demo. Also it is not very promising in its current state, I don't know where things are heading too. PJN sir reminded me about the demo pending next week. Tomorrow we have lots of lecture on this Excitement of Research (ExOR), I will attend them and try to get excited about research myself and also volunteer.

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