Tuesday, March 08, 2005

One More Tension gone...

Finally Our Project Management grades came. I got B, good enuf. considering what we have done in that course. My SGPA for last sem has come down to 7 now, with two grades undeclared. At max I think it will be around 7.5 or so. This should be the lowest one till now. (I have more things to remember about last sem but that will be done later).

Its quite amazing that it was this last sem only when I thought of making a good GPA. Until that I just allowed whatever grades came. Things don't happen the way we want them to happen ... This doesn't mean we stop wanting things and working hard for them.

The current sem is going quite cool till now, I haven't had much work at any moment of time, some hardwork is required now just as openhouse in near. After openhouse I plan to have some relaxation, more so with Family members coming here, I plan to go to some place like Ooti(I don't know the spelling correctly.) at least going to Bangalore is being thought over now...

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