Wednesday, March 16, 2005

End Semesters Approaching...

Deadlines are approaching. This VTK course is over we just need to finish the project.
From: Sandeep Chandna
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Final Project Demo

The final project deadline is sometime around 25th March so try to finish
it in time. It is a hard deadline because the grades will come soon after
the final demo.


Have done nothing substantial till now. In Buidling sciences too project needs to be done asap, Sandeep and Ranjith are in don't care state. Jagmohan seems to care a little, don't know what Nir's and Arjun's plans are, I am pretty sure we are gonna get screwd up badly. Ethics assignments deadline is gone, I hope he will accept late submission this time too.
I am waiting for Parents to come here to make some big decissions with their approval. Until then I am mostly non chalant, doing some small QT programming which till now has not yield any success but only errors. The ppl at qt-interest mailing list haven't been much helpful either, reading others post in the archive regarding QHttp, I feel that QHttp basically sucks...No further comments until I am able to find a way around it. Also I have started playing some comp games again, spending around 1-2 hrs daily. And Yes GYM is also a new timepass for the morning slot.
With parents coming I am planning to finish up things ASAP so that I can spent the week easily. Current plans are to take them to Salarjung, Ramoji, Tank Mund, Runway line, IMAX and Probably bowling zone near Big Bazaar.

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  1. u !@#@#$ .. you will post my mail on blog..

    hope it does not affect your grade :)))