Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Parents are coming here probably.

After almost 4 years my father will be coming back to Hyderabad, along with my Mummi, didi and Rishab (younger bro), who are coming for the first time. Until last year my plans were to get them here directly on my convocation day, but things have changed. My convocation is already postponed by a year, and also my parents realized that I was needing some moral boostup etc, may be missing them a lot. As of now the schedule is around 15 March.

I plan to enjoy those 2-3 days to completion. I will try to see no class comes in between. Taking them to good places in Hyderabad, showing all kind of comp games to my bro. One movie in IMAX is sure, probably it should be a 3D one. On the way back they will have to carry lots of CDs ;-)

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