Thursday, March 03, 2005

Outrage at Gates' knighthood

A funny article with some strong comments, don't read if you are M$ fan.Link

Perhaps she should have sent him to the Tower instead: Microsoft is a convicted monopolist, as software engineer Chris Rankin pointed out: "Bill Gates' business practices have violated antitrust laws in both Europe and the US. This is not something for which he should be honoured in any shape or form." An anonymous reader added "Bill Gates should be imprisoned for Microsoft's business practices, not knighted."

No, tell us what you really mean… "Microsoft has done more than any other company to hold back the development of IT solutions the world over," said Matt Webber. "They have clearly shown with their Internet Explorer software that their aim is to extinguish competition, then drip-feed product updates from their monopoly to the world charging them for the privilege every time. And how did they extinguish competition? By the use of illegal business practices."

and a good one...
Wait a minute though, we did get one positive comment. We were deeply honoured to receive a Talkback comment from a Mr George W. Bush: "Well done the Queen, Well done Bill. Long live the Empire and all who sail in her." However, it is possible that this grammatically correct message did not come from the real President Bush.


  1. As far as I know Gates was knighted for his philanthrophy rather than his business tactics. The whole world knows that Gates Melinda foundation is worth >22 billion dollars (Almost everything donated by Bill Gates). So, what is so wrong in knighting him. Gates Melinda foundation has its activities going on in India too.

  2. Hi, Thanks for the comment. I didn't know the reason of the knighhood being the donation. But then still the point that if that prize was meant to be given for great inventors etc then it is misuse of the prize as much as done by LaLu Prasad Yadav in getting the Doctrate in Bihar University.