Friday, March 11, 2005

The Final Night b4 Openhouse.

I recall that I often asked ppl how they can control their sleep so much that they don't sleep whole night. Now I realize you can do so easily when you are required to do it. I was awake the whole night before OpenHouse doing some adjustments in the GUI/program.

I am Amal decided to work for 2 hrs initially at around 1:00 AM. Then around 3 AM amal declared his work over, I was not shocked, One thing I always long to have is the kind of accountability some ppl like Amal can keep in advance. I normally fail to do so, spending lots of time doing something which could have been done in lesser time. Basically efficiency sucks in me too. Gotta improve it!!! Amal left the lab at around 4 AM aksing me to wake him up at 8:AM, I had already planned to stay awake and improve the code, I did that. Around 5 AM I realized that I was getting a segfault in very unexpected place. (I couldn't debug that error until I went for breakfast at 7 AM.) Finally at around 9:45AM I was able to solve the problem by making the system totally synchronus. (Details in my project blog post).

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