Tuesday, March 08, 2005

So Linux Users Group IIIT Have their own shirt now.

After lots of delays finally the shirts have come. The response have been great and I think we will overshoot the expected demands. Cool I think we are making Linux popular ;-) [By hook or by Crook]

I have taken the "Geek By Nature" design for my younger bro, the other one won't make once sense to him, even this one might not but it has a big TUX image as the back that should compensate.

This also brought the chance for me too see some Girl Geeks of our campus as even Girls ordered some shirts despite the shirt design ( We didn't think they would be interested so didn't care much about that while designing).

Still some time to post some images of ppl wearing those shirts in action. We will hopefully have a crowded LUG meeting this time.

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