Friday, March 18, 2005

A nightout and the whole next day spoilt

We met to start our VTK project yesterday, but the discussion were taken over by GRE and universities stuff, Pelu and Jagga making plans to make it into some big univ. The discussion went on for long and at 3 AM we finally set for our VTK project. Jagga insisted that we worked till 6 AM. So we worked till 6 and then I left for my room. After taking breakfast I slept at around 8:30AM and I am waking up Now. Shit! I spoilt the whole day. Missed the Ethics class and also its assignment.

And oops Ramneek now tells me that todays class they screened the movie on abortion. Shit man! I am real losser today.

1 comment:

  1. why do u publish every post twice?

    btw, jagga turned up for the class...
    if, after a nightout, jagga can turn up for the class, so can you.